Current Partners

We are deeply grateful to our current donors and partners (campaign gifts of $10,000 or higher) that have stepped forward as leaders in the community to make this project possible. Their support of our Capital Campaign allows us to realize our vision of designing and building a hospital that will foster a fundamental change in the patient experience and better serve our community. By stepping forward, your support will enable us to be the clinical cornerstone of the White Oak Science Gateway and to have a far-reaching economic impact on the entire region.

Circle of Governors
Adfinitas Health
Adventist HealthCare Imaging
W. Barry Basen, MD
Renu Berry, MD
Bruce Bortnick, MD
Jonathan Bowles, MD
Jordan Caplan, MD
Velma Casanova, MD
John Cho, MD
Asante Dickson, MD
Zahide Erkmen, MD
Kamau Foderingham, MD
Shima Goswami, MD
Robert Isaacs, MD
Sonya Kella, MD
Blake Kightlinger, MD
Akemi Miller, MD
Jeffrey Rich, MD
Sameer Samtani, MD
Roberto Soto, MD
Christopher Testa, MD
The Estate of Suzanne Bond
Dr. and Mrs. Inder and Vera Chawla
Emergency Medicine Associates, P.A., P.C. / Mid-Atlantic Critical Care
Kashif Firozvi, M.D.
First Colonies Anesthesia Associates, Inc.
Marc Azran, MD
Maksim E. Barkinskiy, MD
Charles P. Ciolino, MD
Richard C. Evans, MD
Laron N. Johnson, MD
Faisal M. Kamdar, MD
Haeng-Shik Kim, MD
Zakiya N. Lockhart, MD
Omid G. Moayed, MD, MBA, President
Naeem Poursharif, DO
Ravi Singh, MD
Reed S. Underwood, MD
Terry and Marijane Forde
Margaret and James Lee
M&T Charitable Foundation
Joseph B. Mizgerd, MD and Ann F. Mizgerd, MD
NAI The Michael Companies, Inc.
Jeffrey and Jill Pargament
William and Della Robertson

Campaign Officers
Robinson and Vimala Abraham
Advanced Pathology Associates, Inc.
AMG Cardiovascular Specialists
David Brill, MD
James Cockrell, MD
Laurence Kelley, MD
Eric Krivitsky, MD
Daisy Lazarous, MD
Keith Lindgren, MD
Tanveer Malik, MD
Naga Pannala, MD
Anees Ahsan, MD FACC
Jay and Ellen Bloom Fund
Jose F. Bonelli, MD
Robert G. Brewer and Constance B. Lohse
Capital Digestive Care
Jeffrey Bernstein, MD
Priti Bijpuria, MD
Richard M. Chasen, MD
Jeffrey S. Garbis, MD
Sean M. Karp, MD
Theodore Y. Kim, MD
Marvin E. Lawrence, II, MD
Cardiac Associates, PC
Shasha and James Chen
Chan K. Chung, MD and Eun-Hee Chung
Cohen, Rutherford + Knight, PC
James and Carolyn Damron
Drs. Bobby and Katherine David
Maureen and Joe Dymond
Energy Federal Credit Union
Gary R. Fennel, PA-C and Dr. Maria Nichols Fennel
Karen and Jay Garrett
Cyril Hardy, MD
Khandagle Medical Associates, PA
Laura Khandagle, MD
Kenneth Khandagle, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Larca
Leach Family Trust
Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd.
Christopher Magee, MD and Christine Magee, PhD
Paul and Sue Massimiano
Metro Maryland Ostomy Society
Linda and Ceceilia Nordeman
Percontee, Inc.
Cynthia Plate, MD
David Remy, MD and Terri Remy, MD
Jonathan Rhee, MD
Jim Rost, MD
Matthew and Bonnie Jo Savard
Arshad Sheikh, MD
Soltesz, Inc.
Thiel Sullivan
Tom and Karen Sweeney
The Brickman Group
The Traffic Group, Inc.
Erik and Kari Wangsness