Jim Damron, Dr. Weymouth Spence, & Terry Forde
AHC Vice President of Philanthropy & CDO, James Damron
Gala Guests
Norton Elson, MD introducing Cyril Hardy, MD
Kasif Firozvi, MD, with guests
Dr. Jude and Mrs. Crystal Kellar-Alexander (Sound Physicians)
AHC WAH President, Erik Wangsness
AHC WAH Foundation Director, Christy Swanson
AHC President & CEO, Terry Forde
A Time to Grow Gala Program
Herman and Catherine Hewitt greeting friends
Gala Reception
Gala Guests
Gala Decor
Enjoying the dessert station
Kari & Erik Wangsness
Jonathan Sachs and Christy Swanson
John Sackett, SGMC President shares his affection for AHC
Peter Black, M&T Bank accepts the Spirit of Partnership Award. Terry Forde (L) and Jim Damron (R)
Looking at the silent auction items
Keith, VP, AHC Home Health Services & Theresa Ballenger
Terry Forde, Cyril Hardy, MD, Norton Elson, MD, Cynthia Plate, MD, Erik Wangsness, & Randall Wagner
Peter Black, M&T Bank